God chose us 
to be His precious jewels.
We overcome 
life’s challenges 
through the grace of God
in order to radiate 
the glory of God.

Susan Slade

Susan Slade is an ordained minister (Fellowship of Churches and Christian Ministries) with a bachelor’s degree in English Bible with minors in Pastoral Counseling and Modern Hebrew and a master’s degree in Biblical Literature from Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and she is the founder and president of of Precious Jewels Ministries. She was a guest on "Life Today" with James Robison. She has performed weddings, baby dedications, and served as a research assistant to her pastor from November 2010 to August 2015, helping him prepare for sermons. Susan began by writing scriptural blessing poems for “champions,” children with special challenges, to encourage parents not to define the child by their limitations but by what the Lord says about them; but now she writes these for all children as all of them face challenges. Susan has expanded the scriptural blessings to Covenant Blessings for couples and Exhortation Celebrations for individuals. She is a powerful prayer warrior. And by the way, she has a combination of spastic and athetoid cerebral palsy affecting all four limbs. Read an article about Susan at http://www.grandhaventribune.com/News/2013/02/03/Texas-woman-doesn-039-t-let-her-circumstances-impede-her-ministry

Susie Hale

Karen Sue Hale (Susie) has bachelor’s degree in Music Education and a Master of Education with a focus on language arts and serves as vice president and secretary of Precious Jewels Ministries. She taught eleven years at Glenview Christian School in Ft. Worth, Texas and served as curriculum coordinator there. She enjoyed teaching a senior adult ladies’ class at North Pointe Baptist Church in Hurst, Texas from June 2014 to August 2016. Susie is Susan's "facilitator" as she types what Susan dictates and looks up information in books and on the internet when they are working together doing Bible Studies, devotionals, and scriptural blessings.  She had two articles published in "Purposeful Singleness Monthly" and one published on a webzine called "Christian Women Today." She has two “adopted” adult children, 

a daughter-in-love, a son-in-love, and has been blessed to be called Grandma Susie by six

precious grandchildren.