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Session 11 - 2 Peter 1:16-18 - WITH TRUST - Day 2

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Session 11 – 2 Peter 1:16-18 - WITH TRUST – Day 2


2 Peter 1:16 For we did not follow cleverly contrived myths when we made known to you the power and coming of our Lord Jesus Christ; instead, we were eyewitnesses of His majesty.


The disciples of Jesus did not run after fairy tales, nor did they make them up. They had seen His miracles with their own eyes and heard the voice of Truth resonating in their own ears. They reported accurately what God had revealed to them and what they personally had lived.


2 Peter 1:17 For when He received honor and glory from God the Father, a voice came to Him from the Majestic Glory:


This is My beloved Son.

I take delight in Him!


John MacArthur Study Bible:

1:17 Excellent Glory. A reference to the glory cloud on the Mt. of Transfiguration from which God spoke to the disciples (Matt. 17:5). This is My beloved Son. This means, “This One is in essence with Me.” The Father is thus affirming the deity of Christ (cf. Matt. 17:5; Luke 9:27–36).


2 Peter 1:18 And we heard this voice when it came from heaven while we were with Him on the holy mountain.


Peter, James, and John had the unique privilege of witnessing Christ in His glory on what we call the Mount of Transfiguration. (Matthew 17:1-9, Luke 9:27-36)


Luke 9:29-30 (VOICE) Jesus began to pray and the disciples tried to stay awake, but their eyes grew heavier and heavier and finally they all fell asleep. When they awakened, they looked over at Jesus and saw something inexplicable happening. Jesus was changing before their eyes, beginning with His face. It seemed to glow. The glow spread, and even His clothing took on a blinding whiteness. Then, two figures appeared in the glorious radiance emanating from Jesus. The three disciples somehow knew that these figures were Moses and Elijah.


Peter, James, and John had seen and heard the intimate exchange between God the Father and God the Son. They saw God’s radiance poured out upon Jesus and heard the Father’s voice proclaiming Him to be His Son and equal.


Hebrews 1:3 (NIV) The Son is the radiance of God’s glory and the exact representation of his being, sustaining all things by his powerful word. After he had provided purification for sins, he sat down at the right hand of the Majesty in heaven.


No one is God’s child, His seed, in the same way that Jesus is. We are His children by adoption, but Jesus was His son by miraculous conception and is one with the Father and Holy Spirit in a way we cannot completely comprehend this side of Heaven. According to the gospel accounts, they were also instructed by God to listen to Jesus.


Peter, James, and John were Jesus’ secret keepers because He admonished them not to tell what had happened on the mountain until after He had been resurrected and had ascended back home to the Father. After becoming the perfect sacrificial Lamb and defeating sin and death, Jesus sat down to begin His heavenly ministry as our chief intercessor.


Chew on This: Ten of the original apostles, as well as Paul who was added as an apostle after He was personally called by the resurrected Jesus, suffered martyrdom. They died violent, painful, and many of them slow deaths. John lived to be an old man and probably died a natural death but had at one point survived being boiled alive and had spent years in exile on the Isle of Patmos. I have a hard time believing they would or even could suffer those things for stories they had concocted themselves. Their testimony, even to the point of torturous deaths, confirms for me that their accounts of Jesus’ work on earth are true.